1.2 Q&A

Basic Features

  • How to export the selected content to audio?

  • How to export MIDI with lyrics?

  • How can I input multiple lyrics?
Refer to [ 3.6.3-Lyrics Edit]

  • How can AI singers sing in other languages?
Refer to [ 3.6.1-Note Edit-Notes]

  • How to turn off the piano sound?

  • How to shift notes in octave

  • How to change the audio device?

  • Why is playback in a wired tone and speed or in noise?

  • How can I recover the project when I lose it?

  • What is the dark box next to a note?

For Pros

  • 🔥Can I use AI singers for commercial use?

  • How to create a new voice?

  • How to copy the recipe of a voicemix to another singer?

  • What's the difference between envelop and real parameter?

  • How to fix the parameters before they change?

  • How to set multiple tempos?

  • Is there a VST plugin so I can use the vocals in my DAW directly?

  • ⚠️Why my ACE Studio can not start playback when connected to ACE Bridge?

  • How to create vocal doubles?

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