3.12 Use VST3/AU: ACE Bridge

To promote the convenience of music production, we have introduced the ACE Bridge virtual instrument plugin in VST3 and AU format. This plugin will be automatically installed when you install ACE Studio.
You can insert the ACE Bridge as a virtual instrument on the MIDI track of your DAW hosts and activate ACE Studio on the plugin panel. This will automatically create an audio bus across the software, sending the Master audio signal of ACE Studio to the track where ACE Bridge is located in the host.
During the connection,
  • The playback behavior of the host will synchronize with ACE Studio exclusively. When the host is not playing, you can independently control playback in ACE Studio for vocal tuning work.
  • When the host saves its project, ACE Bridge will retain the ACEP project loaded in ACE Studio in the host's project. When you restart the host's project, ACE Bridge will automatically launch ACE Studio and reload this ACEP project. Of course, you can switch to load other ACEP projects at any time in ACE Studio.

3.12.1 Special Settings in DAW

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