3.1 Setting up Preference

In the preferences window, you can set the interface language, set flipping animation, set audio I/O options, and check for updates.

On Windows systems, you can find the preferences in the [File] menu in the upper-left corner of the main screen.
On Mac systems, you can find the preferences in the [ACE Studio] menu in the Menu bar.

In the [General] category, you can:

  • Set the interface language of ACE Studio. After setting the language, you need to restart the software to take effect.
  • Set the animation style for the automatic page flipping of the arrangement view and clip view in playback mode.
  • (Mac system only) Check the installation status of ACE Bridge.
In the [Audio] category, you can:
  • Set the device driver type, audio I/O ports, and manage the channels of audio output.
  • Decide whether to show the audio device changing dialog when new device change detected.
  • Set the sample rate for playback.
If your ACE Studio sounds abnormal or doesn't play any sound at all, please check whether the audio settings are correct. Note that when you turn on "audio enhancements" on your Windows, it might cause ACE Studio to sound noisy.

In the [Updates] category, you can check for the latest version of ACE Studio and manually update it. (Usually, if there is a new version available, ACE Studio will automatically pop up an enquiry dialog for updates when it launches.)

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