-> 3.2.1 Title Bar and Main Control


Transport includes the account center, tempo and beats/bar settings, playback control, flipping control, and rendering control. Learn more in [ 3.8-Transport]

Panel Display Switch

Show / Dismiss the Singer Library Panel. Shortcut [Shift + S]. Learn more about Singer Library in [ 3].
Show / Dismiss the Track Control Panel. Shortcut [C]. Learn more about Track Control Panel in [ 4].
Show / Dismiss the Mixer Panel. Shortcut [M]. Learn more about Mixer in [ 2].

Project Info

The project name and the save status for the output file will be displayed here. For details of the save function, please refer to [ 3.11-Exporting and Saving]

Arrangement Overview

The Arrangement Overview always shows the complete range of the project, from start to end.
The white rectangular outline represents the part that is currently visible in the Arrangement View.
To adjust the visible area, you can click anywhere in the Arrangement Overview or drag the outlined rectangular to the left or right.

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