How to create a children's choir?

This Problem Can Be Solved in Two Steps:
  1. How to efficiently create a choir using ACE Studio?
  2. How to have multiple different child voices?

Creating a Choir:

We recommend using ACE Studio's double feature to create a choir. The double feature provides rich and natural variations in detail while avoiding the phase issues that can degrade audio quality when similar audio tracks overlap.
First, write the main melody and edit the lyrics. Drag in a singer (for example, the child voice singer Qi Xuan), listen to it, and adjust any unreasonable consonant lengths.
Next, right-click on this track and select "Create vocal doubles for this track."

Click "Create."

This will create 2 double tracks.

If needed, you can use the double feature multiple times to create more tracks.
Then, adjust the pitch of the notes on different tracks to place them in different voice parts.

At this point, click play, and you will already have a choir of three Qi Xuans.

Getting More Child Singers:

Next, we use the VoiceMix feature to get more different child voices. VoiceMix can mix the Timbre and Singing Style characteristics of different AI singers to produce a new voice that is similar yet distinct from the original AI singer.
First, we choose Qi Xuan as the base for the recipe. Qi Xuan is a girl around ten years old. She is already in the Singer box of this track.
Click the button circled in the picture to expand the Track Control Panel, then click "+".

Select a singer to mix with. For example, if we want to get a boy's voice, we choose a male AI singer.

Adjust the timbre and style ratios, and listen until you mix a satisfactory voice.

In this way, you can create a children's choir!

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