-> 3.4.4 Recording Audio

Setting up Audio Preferences:

Before recording, please set up the audio I/O, sample rate, buffer size.

Prepare the Audio Track:

Select one audio track and open the Track Control Panel(Shortcut Key [C]), then you will see the Input Channel Selections, Recording Switch, Monitoring Switch. Select the right Input Channel which your microphone is plugged into your audio interface.
Turning on the [Recording Switch] indicates that this track will join the recording. You can only use one track for recording currently.
Turning on the [Monitoring Switch] indicates that you will hear the inputted audio signal in real-time while seeing it appear on the track meter.

Start Recording:

Place the marker-line where you want to start recording. Click the [Record] button in the Main Control (Shortcut Key [R]) to start recording.
  • While recording, you will hear the count-in click for 1 bar by default (You can change the count-in duration or turn it off in the [Preference]-[Audio]). The playback starts after the count-in. In the meantime, the track with [Recording Switch] on will record the inputted signal into a new clip, and the new clip will overwrite the clips that are already on the track.
  • You can also start recording during playback. The count-in won't be activated in this case.
  • Click the [Record] button in the Main Control (Shortcut Key [R]) again during recording to stop recording, but the playback will keep going.
  • The recording ends when the playback stops (Shortcut Key [Space])
  • Nothing can be edited on the track which is on recording.
  • The audio you record each time will be saved in the project folder/Sample/Record.

*Please note that: If you are recording the topline for Converting to MIDI, please make sure you got a clean acapella without any background noise.

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