One-time Membership Purchase

Currently, one-time membership purchase is available only in mainland China.

You can purchase a membership at any time. The membership tiers available for purchase are as shown on the Pricing page.

Please note that if there is still remaining membership duration in your ACE Studio account, then:

When you upgrade your membership, your currently active membership will immediately be upgraded to a new, higher-tier membership. At the same time, a portion of your old membership duration will be discounted and applied as a credit towards the purchase of the new membership. The maximum amount of old membership duration that can be credited is equal to the duration of the new membership purchased.
For example, if your current active membership is the Artist Plan with 45 days remaining, and you purchase a 30-day Artist Pro Plan membership through a one-time membership purchase, then 30 days of your Artist Plan will be used to offset the cost. The amount you pay for the Artist Pro Plan membership will be equal to the price of 30 days of the Artist Pro Plan minus the price of 30 days of the Artist Plan. After the discounted purchase is completed, the remaining days in your account will be 30 days of the Artist Pro Plan membership (active) and 15 days of the Artist Plan membership (inactive).
When you purchase a membership of the same or lower tier, The remaining days of memberships in your account will increase. The currently active membership is the highest tier you possess. Once the duration of this tier is fully consumed, the lower-tier membership will switch from inactive to active and begin to deplete its duration.

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