Introduction of ACE Studio Licensing Model

Firstly, I would like to clarify that this article primarily focuses on the licensing of AI singers (such as whether commercial use requires additional license applications, whether additional license fees need to be paid, etc.).

If you wish to learn about how to obtain permissions to use ACE Studio software, please read ACE Studio Software License and Service Agreement and What is ACE Studio Membership? for relevant information.

In the AI singer list of ACE Studio, you can see three categories: VoiceMix, Custom Singer, and Official Singer.

Official Singer

Official Singer refers to AI singers whose copyrights are held by ACE Studio or ACE Studio's official partners. In each Official Singer's item, you can see a License Tag.

  • For AI singers tagged as License Free, you can use them for commercial or non-commercial purposes for free. (If you need written license docs, please check here).
  • A tag marked as License Required means that obtaining commercial rights requires an additional email application or payment of fees.

To make it easier for users to obtain license documents, the majority of Official Singers have been integrated into a standardized online application process. This means that you can obtain a written License by simply filling out a registration form and paying the license fee (no payment is required for License Free singers).

However, please understand that some official partners have separate License rules for their AI singers, which cannot be included in ACE Studio's self-service application system. If you wish to use these AI singers for commercial purposes, please obtain license separately through the methods provided in the form.


VoiceMix is a new voice created using the VoiceMix feature provided by ACE Studio software, which mixes different AI singer voice characteristics. Essentially, VoiceMix is a voice "imagined" by the model, rather than a voice trained from copyrighted audio files.

VoiceMix is License Free, but it has not yet been included in the online self-service license application process, so you are currently unable to obtain a written License document.

Custom Singer

Custom Singer is an AI singer created by users using their own voice data through the Custom Voice Model feature provided by ACE Studio. The copyright of a Custom Singer belongs to the user who created it.

Currently, Custom Singers cannot be published to all ACE Studio users; they can only be used by the creator of the Custom Singer and their collaborators who are linked through CollabSeat.

If you have any inquiries regarding the licensing of a Custom Singer, please contact the creator of that Singer.

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