How to make the vocal sound more friendly?

In vocal producing, one effective technique to enhance vocal clarity and make the voice sound more approachable is by layering the main vocal track with additional tracks that contain only consonants. Using ACE Studio's vocal doubles feature and unvoiced pitch drawing function, this effect can be easily achieved.

  • Right-click on the main vocal track and click [Create vocal doubles for this track] to get 2 double tracks.

  • Select each of the double tracks, open the piano roll window, select the [Draw pitch] tool (shortcut key 5), then hold down Alt (Win) or Option (Mac) to draw unvoiced pitch (represented by a dashed line).

When singing an "unvoiced pitch," the vocal cords do not vibrate during articulation. In other words, once you change the voiced pitch to unvoiced pitch, the AI singer will only produce consonant sounds.

  • Adjust the volume of the consonant tracks to avoid overemphasizing them.

By playing the main vocal track and the consonant tracks simultaneously, you can achieve a vocal effect with greater clarity and friendliness.

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