What's the quickest way to make multiple tracks sing the same melody and lyrics?

First, it is not recommended that you obtain multiple tracks singing the same melody and lyrics directly through duplication. This is because the resulting tracks will have a high degree of similarity, which may cause phase coherence or phase cancellation when played together, thus degrading the audio quality.

ACE Studio's double feature can help you efficiently solve this problem.
What are Vocal Doubles?
In vocal producing, we usually like to record two more takes on the sides panned anywhere from 50%-100% with a lead vocal or harmony vocal for a wider dimension and fullness.

Select the track you want to double, right-click, and click [Create vocal doubles for this track].

After clicking, a new interface will pop up. The value in the middle can be adjusted to set the similarity to the main track—the higher the value, the more similar it will be.

Once adjusted, click [Create].

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