How to modify the pronunciation of the lyrics?

Typically, when you input lyrics, ACE Studio converts the words into phonemes based on a dictionary. The AI singer actually sings according to these phonemes. The phonemes circled in the diagram below are examples.

Phonemes have a strict set of input rules. Only the phonemes listed in this table can be used.
Remembering the pronunciation corresponding to each phoneme is undoubtedly difficult. However, there is a simple trick that can help us quickly find the phoneme corresponding to the desired pronunciation.
For example, if I want the AI to sing the letters "A B C," but the default phoneme for "A" is the "a" in "a book" ([ah]).

At this point, I input a word containing the pronunciation of the letter "A," such as "name," and find out that the phoneme for the "A" I want is [ey].

Double-click the phoneme above the note where "A" is located to enter edit mode, then change the phoneme to [ey]. This way, the AI can sing correctly!

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