How to Use a Membership Voucher Code?

Step 1: Enter the Account Center

  • Click on your avatar in the ACE Studio software to enter the Account Center.

  • Alternatively, you can visit, click on 'Login' at the top right corner to access the Account Center.

Step 2: Enter the "Redeem Membership" Page

  • Click on 'Redeem Membership' at the bottom of the Account Center.

Step 3: Enter the Voucher Code to Redeem

Redemption Notes:

  • Each voucher code can only be redeemed once.
  • Membership duration can only be redeemed to the account you are currently logged into.
  • Each voucher code has an expiration date. To avoid expiration and inability to redeem, it is recommended that you redeem the voucher code as soon as you receive it.

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